Celebrity SockMatch: Russell Tovey

MlkMen Celebrity SockMatch: Russell Tovey

We're having a bit of fun and matching celebrities with our delicious socks. Do you agree with our match? 

Actor / Writer / Host

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The Billericay born heart-throb Russell Tovey gives us a rolodex of award-winning and life-affirming performances yet there is more to him than meets the eye.  

When he’s not delivering poignant performances in films such as The Pass, giving us sexy boss man in Looking or warping our minds in the binge-worthy series Years and Years, Russel is exploring his passion for contemporary art. He’s no stranger to all the latest cultural musings and conversations, getting up close and personal with some of the most important artists of our time, and even somehow finding capacity to co-host the popular talkART podcast.

This devilishly handsome man’s passion for his four-legged friends cannot go unmentioned, and there’s nothing more we love than to follow their adventures as they explore the world together. Whether they’re taking on the tube, roaming the streets of NYC or kicking back on the soda on a lazy Sunday afternoon we seriously recommend a Sunday scroll to see them in action. 

Russell’s electric wardrobe means we get to see him in comfy but carefully curated casuals, tantalising t-shirts and refined red carpet looks with purpose. 

We match Russell with our Vanilla (with sprinkles) socks although we’re confident he could work every MlkMen flavour in to any of his looks.

Let us know whether you agree with our match and who else you'd like included in our MlkMen Celebrity SockMatch line-up in the comments below. 

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