Celebrity SockMatch: Graham Norton

MlkMen Celebrity SockMatch: Graham Norton


We're having a bit of fun and matching celebrities with our delicious socks. Do you agree with our match? 

TV & Radio Presenter / Comedian / Actor / Author

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The quick-witted Graham Norton brings laughter and joy to households across the nation with his iconic celebrity sofa interviews, red chair ejections and his world-renowned hilarious stomach-twisting Eurovision commentary. 

Graham isn’t afraid of a bold look and his often-sharp wardrobe includes flashes of pattern or colour adorning his perfectly tailored suits, eye-popping shirts and dazzling blazers. 

Isn’t there some kind of saying about bottling the good stuff? Well lucky for us they kind of have with Graham, and we not only get to enjoy him on stage, screen and the sound waves but now he has his own branded Sauvignon Blanc, a rosé based on Pinot Noir, a South Australian Shiraz, an Italian DOC Prosecco, and an Irish Gin in the London Dry style. Seriously thirst-quenching stuff. 

We match the BAFTA winning Graham with our purple Passion Fruit socks.

Let us know whether you agree with our match and who else you'd like included in our MlkMen Celebrity SockMatch line-up in the comments below. 

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