Celebrity SockMatch: Billy Porter

MlkMen Celebrity SockMatch: Billy Porter

We're having a bit of fun and matching celebrities with our delicious socks. Do you agree with our match? 

Actor / Dancer / Singer / Writer / Advocate

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The awe-inspiring Billy Porter is what they call an ICON. Whether serving up jaw-dropping high-fashion looks, goosebump on goosebump vocals or heart wrenching acting, Mr Billy Porter is a gift to the world.

He makes the most of every occasion when it comes to dressing for the moment and whether its velvet gowns, tassels and tulle, faux fur or gold Sun God eleganza you can be sure his audacious attire will brighten up even the darkest of days.

Mr Porter is a fierce and passionate advocate and we love that he uses his voice and platform to encourage us all to be our authentic self without fear of judgement.

When he isn't wearing his gravity-defying heels we match the Grammy, Emmy and Tony winner Billy Porter with our delicious red Cherry socks; however, we know he’d werk all 11 other flavours like no one else!

Let us know whether you agree with our match and who else you'd like included in our MlkMen Celebrity SockMatch line-up in the comments below. 


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